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>I installed Protel98 on a new computer, the other one died. I now noticed 
>that the Autoroute option is not available. When I look at the servers it 
>shows that it is installed startup is "on call" the status is "started", 
>Yet the option is not available from the drop down menu. Any thoughts on 
>why or how I can get it to appear?
>Posted from Association web site by: Steve Pfeifenroth


There are a smattering of instances where the menus seems to get a bit 
mixed up and drop some menu item that used to be there. The most recent 
reports are for P99SE but I assume it happened in the days of P98.  I do 
not think any one is really to aware of how it happens.  I suggest that you 
also send Protel support an email so they are aware that the problem occurs 
and that if there are enough reports they may deign to put some effort into 
solving it.

You can add in the offending menu commands yourself by customising 
Protel.  It is easier if you have another installation to compare the 
process and parameters to.

Other things that may work would be:
1) stop the Autoroute server, remove it and then re-install it.  ( I 
suggest shutting down P98 between the remove and the re-install to make 
sure the INI and RCS files are written correctly.)  This may then 
re-install the required menu items into the relevant RCS file)
2) copy the appropriate RCS file from another installation.  It is the RCS 
files that store the menu, toolbar and keyboard definitions. These are 
usually in the same location as the INI file (which is usually in the 
Windows install directory).

BTW - how do those that post from the Assoc web site read the replies.  I 
assume they are using the:
www archive.

Ian Wilson

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