I think you might want to try placing a polygon plane instead of a fill.
Polygon planes provide thermal relief and don't connect to other nets.

Dave Buckley

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i'm having a bit of trouble with how fills connect to
thru-holes.  first, the book says, "a fill will adopt
a net name if the first corner is placed on an object
which has a net name."  well i'm starting a fill right
on thru-hole CR31_1, and then when i drag out a fill
and then double-click on the fill to check out its
characteristics, its got "no net" shown for the net.
what's wrong here?  am i doing something wrong or does
it not perform as advertised?

and issue #2:  ok, i shrug my shoulders and go ahead
and assign the desired net to the fill by selecting
one in the fill's dialog box and then refresh the view.
i've still got problems.  i don't see how the fill
physically connects to the thru-holes that its connected
to.  i would expect to see the fill slip in and cover
the annular ring, possibly with thermal reliefs, but 
i'm not seeing anything like that.  the drill holes are
blue and then the annular rings (pad) are gray and then
there's a thin purple ring around all this (solder 
mask?).  the fill i've put in flows around other nodes
that it should be connected to and a few that it isn't
connected to.  the fill comes to the edge of the purple
ring on all the thru-holes, both ones connected to the
node and those that aren't.  

i'm not getting a warm fuzzy on this.  any suggestions
would be appreciated.

thank you, miker  

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