Get out now while you still have your sanity!!! Kidding.
Stay tuned to this forum, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience
here, though some topics turn us into a bunch of squabbling hens.
Before you get too deep into PCB design, the basic correlation between the
logical (schematics) and the physical (PCB) should be very clear. What you
can do in one realm is not always allowed in the other.
Hope you have fun in your endeavor. If you don't enjoy it, get out while you
still have hair because it'll make you pull yours out.


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From: Waheed Bajwa [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PEDA] New to Protel and PCB Designing

Hello all,

I am new to PCB designing and Protel (99 SE with SP 6)...  I have just
started on the training manuals of protel. I am getting the grasp of it but
what i have noticed during this period is that i lack the basic cycle flow
involved in PCB designing so please could some one guide me in this? The
cycles that are involved in PCB designing from conceptual to the realization
of PCB (as a material thing)... Please use simple terminologies or try to
explain them as I said that I am new to it and words even like footprints
dont make sense to me right now :(

Waheed Bajwa

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