Forgive my tardiness... Thanks alot Linden.


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Yes it is possible to set up toolbars for at least some of these functions.

I have a toolbar with the PlaceVia function attached to a button. As a test
I have just added another PlaceVia button - this time with the Parameters
set to a specific ViaSize and Hole Diameter. (set parameters as :

The only shortcoming is that these parameters seem to overwrite Protel's
current default values so that the next time I hit the PlaceVia button that
has no parameters, it has remembered the previous button's settings. This
may not be a problem, especially if you set up a number of buttons to cover
all your manually placed via needs.

If you implement this, remember to make new bitmaps for the other buttons. A
toolbar full of identical buttons can get confusing :)

This also seems to work for placing free pads although placing tracks
(interactive routing) does not cooperate - no parameters seem to be

I hope this is helpful.


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Subject: [PEDA] Manual Routing tool add-ons ?

>To all,
>I have found with Protel that often features I am looking for are hidden
>just under the surface. However, this time I have a question.
>I manually route my designs and it begs to ask, if a tool bars can be added
>for the size of traces, the size of a via etc. The old double click to
>correct for this stuff is a drag. I am familiar with the rules list. I have
>also done some custom configurations. However, today, when defining a rule
>for a default via size, Protel did not pick it up. I think this rule is
>exclusively set uniquely for the auto router ? Dunno....
>Since there are a few of those out there that have written Clients, it make
>me wonder if such a beast exists, but not stock trade with Protel. Thanks
>advance for any help.
>Fabian Hartery
>Research Engineer
>Guigne International Limited
>63 Thorburn Road,
>St. John's, Newfoundland
>tel: 709-738-4070
>fax: 709-738-4093

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