At 03:48 PM 6/14/2002 +0300, Juha Pajunen wrote:

>I have PCB file from Accel software. I would like
>get it into Protel99SE, how can I get it there?

Depends on the version. Accel made a number of quite different packages 
with differing file formats, and then there are version differences as 
well. Here is a brief summary of some aspects of the issue.

Accel Tango DOS may be imported into Protel PCB version 2.8. Protel used to 
supply 2.8 to people who need this facility. From 2.8 the file can be taken 
into more recent Protel versions.

I don't know about TangoPro and the current Tango, also called PCAD Lite, I 
would probably try to take it into PCAD 2001 first through the demo 
described below.

Accel PCAD 2000 ASCII can be directly imported into P99SE, the importers 
were included in SP6. Create an empty PCB or Schematic file, open it, and 
then use File/Import and select the appropriate type of source file. I 
think PCBs and Schematics can also be exported to PCAD 2000.

There is an Accel PCAD 2001 30-day full function demo on the 
web site. It should be able to load most any Accel file and then write it 
out in the ASCII format.

Note regarding time-limited demos in general: if all you want to do is to 
translate a file with it, and you have an older computer sitting around, 
you might want to install the demo on that computer, since, once 
uninstalled or upon the expiration of 30 days, the demo cannot be 
uninstalled and reinstalled on the same computer without reformatting the 
hard drive or, I suppose, doing some serious hacking.

I've never tried it, but the Protel 30-day demo reportedly detects changes 
in the system date and will refuse to run if the clock has been turned 
back; the Accel demo may use the same technology. If reinstallation is 
necessary during the trial period, Accel advises reinstalling over the 
first installation and warns against uninstallation until one is ready to 
get rid of it entirely.

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