you are starting to sound like I used to when I first came back to
using Protel a couple of years ago. Take a 'lude' and chill out dude. We all
know that Protel product support and programming acuity is a joke. There is
only one way that Protel will ever listen, stop giving them your money!
Don't upgrade to DXP, don't pay for ATS. Watch them squirm for a number of
months (6-8months, should be lots of discounting and specials) and they will
have to do something. They will need the revenue to survive, they are
probably already really hurting for revenue. Their stock price has tanked on
them so they won't go to the equity market for funds. They have been
flitting away their reserves from the IPO on acquisitions that would seem to
have very little if any revenue contribution to the company.

        We need a good old fashion 'user' revolt, tell Protel that we are
not going to take it any more. Their days of blank promises and lies are
over and we will only budge after they 'prove' their intent to supply good
applications, fix bugs and otherwise support their product and customers.

        Thus far Protel have proven time and time again that they will not
support their product. ATS as an example, introduced Oct 2001, approx. Nov.
2001 they announce no more service paks for P99SE. That was after how long
without any service packs at that time, a year? What is the ATS buying,
simple, nothing! Here we are July 2002, not one new feature or fix available
to us since when? What is ATS, a Protel money grab of the worst sort, backed
by lies and deceit. Last week they shutdown the North American tech support
for 1.5 days mid-week without any notification or indication that they were
even closed. What kind of improved tech support is that? What has anybody
received under ATS that all have not received for nothing, not one thing,

        Make sure that Protel knows that they are not getting your money by
blatantly posting here that they are not getting your money. Time and time
again. They are watching this list.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

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From: Frank Gilley [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] restore defaults in layer order display - don't do

>i just hit the 'restore defaults' button in layer display order dialog
>don't do it!
>all my mech layers disappeared except when they were current
>i had to go hack the ADVPCB*.ini file to put back all the 'new' mech
>Dennis Saputelli

Full-Bore Rant Is On:
I must say, this particular bug just flat out hacks me off.  Something so 
freakin' glaring and debilitating, yet Protel REFUSES to fix it.  Any bug 
that will *persistently* screw up your 99SE installation just by pressing a 
button should warrant a service pack all by itself.  It is just 
inconceivable that Protel management would rather keep this 
super-embarrassing bug in their FLAGSHIP SOFTWARE than break down and issue 
a service pack for it.  And from a programming standpoint, it is so easy to 
fix!  What could possibly be their reasoning?  It doesn't make sense from 
an economic standpoint not to fix it-- every time a new customer pushes 
that button it will likely generate a call to tech support sooner or 
later.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be for the tech support 
agents to have to explain this to people over and over and over again for 
the last few years?  "Yes sir, we know if you push that button it will mess 
up your installation permanently......why haven't we done anything about 
it?...well, uhm, management has directed us not to take any action on this, 
ever....we're sorry sir, but I'm quite sure the person responsible for that 
decision is not available to come to the phone...."   No wonder tech 
support doesn't like to call you back.  I'll bet some days they just can't 
take getting yet another earful from another incredulous and angry customer.
Anyway, this repeatedly demonstrated "policy" toward bug and functionality 
service is a most grand, very loud, and quite clear warning for us all 
concerning what ATS is (expensive) and is not (even a whiff of change in 
Protel management's attitude toward product service) and what we can expect 
from future products.

Protel Management:  Demonstrate that 1+1 in your world does equal 2.  Issue 
service pack 7 for 99SE.  It would go along way toward restoring confidence.

Rant Dissipated

Frank Gilley
Dell-Star Technologies
(918) 838-1973 Phone
(918) 838-8814 Fax

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