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Subject: [PEDA] IntelliMouse Drivers, Was: Speaking of Protel Bugs.

It sounds like there was a problem with the Intellimouse driver - I had
similar problems with a similarly configured system of around the same

-- I could accept this except for the fact that the problem extended way
back to Protel 98, and there have been years worth of versions of
Intellimouse drivers since then -- j

I however updated the drivers (as well as taking Protel out of the list of
application for the scroll wheel), and have had a very stable system since.

-- I initally took Protel out of the "list of applications" (actually put it
in an "exclude list") which solved the loss of the keyboard shortcuts, but
not the related crashes -- j

I didn't see where JaMi updated the original drivers, just changed over to
the Logitech mouse and drivers.

-- I was using a brand new system from Dell (under service contract) with
the "latest" software on it (Win2000), and had by this time found the
Knowledge Base article which said "don't use Intellimouse, reinstall the
ORIGINAL driver" well I had the original driver, Intellimouse, and Dell
didn't have any other driver, and the Knowledge Base article was several
years old by that time --

I can easily see where a buggy (mouse) driver can cause havoc on the best
written applications, and my understanding is that there was a period of
terrible to damaging intellimouse drivers.

-- did that period span several years that Protel didn't address the problem
since they had posted a workaround and probably ignored it from that point
on - I can accept that there were bad mouse drivers, and that bad mouse
drivers caused a lot of crashes from within the driver, but that would have
happened across the board with all apps accessing the driver - I can accept
bad mouse drivers that return bad data, but again, that would generally
cause all apps using the driver to act up, or at a minimum not respond (if
they detected that the data was bad). I can not accept a bad driver that
lays in wait for Protel, and causes Protel, and only Protel, to corrupt it's
keyboard routines. - I mean how does a mouse driver corrupt a keyboard
routine of one, and only piece of software, and do it thru several years of
mouse driver revisions -- j

Evidenced that there are others including myself that use these drivers
without incident, implies that the problems have been mostly been solved.

-- 1. ) My system crashed 7 or 8 times a day on a daily basis, even once I
put Protel in the "exclude" list (which did fix the loss of KB Shortcuts).
Only when I stopped using Intellimouse did I stop having the KB problem AND
ALSO stopped having 99% of my crashes. The reports of crashes for unknown
reasons are still being reported in this forum on a regular basis, with no
know fixes for some of them. I would therefore not necessarily consider that
"the problems have been mostly been solved". 2. ) From a software
perspective, this could be any one of a number of problems that is dependant
on a certain combination of hardware and software, as say, such and such a
system, with such and such a bios, and such and such a OS, and only when all
three are in combination is there a problem - maybe it is something as
simple as Protel not allocating enough stack before calling a mouse driver,
which causes an overwrite of other data when executing a call to
Intellimouse (as opposed to other drivers which may not require as much
stack) only when it has to go thru the extra 27 additional calls (and
related pushes onto the stack) required by the combination of bios A on
machine B with OS C. - Here again I would not call it solved. -- j

Too bad nobody at Protel told JaMi to install updated drivers.

-- My tongue is bloody from biting it and not revealing the name of the
person at Protel who was such an invaluable help -- j


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