Heck, I am still using P98, PCB only!

We have a P99SE license, but I have been unwilling to go through the learning
curve for PCB, much less use P99SE schematic vs. OrCAD 7.2!

That being the case, why would I want to spend ANY money on DXP, and get
trapped into annual maintenance?

Once again, support and maintenance included in the purchase price is what
made Protel what it was yesterday (as opposed what it is today).

Regardless of DXP, its features, and not being able to separate features and
pricing, ATS seems like the deathnell that has consumed so many other
companies.  Sure, penneyheads might think it is a terrific source of ongoing
revenue, but it will probably turn so many off, that their revenue may
actually go down, and kill the company!!

Hey Protel (Altium), it still may not be too late!!!  Until you actually
charge someone for just ATS, you can still regain your sanity, and flush this
whole annual maintenance crap where it belongs!  Otherwise, I would just
start counting the days until Altium becomes just another carcass on the
smelly heap of business failures - not because of a poor products, but from
bad business decisions.

Maybe what has happened is what I have experienced before at other companies.
New management (with a great resume) comes from a company we've heard of who
just went down the tubes (through no fault of their own, of course), gets
hired to take over, and quickly hires all his buddies (who also worked at the
previous failed company), institutes significant changes in policy and
management style, and within a year or three, sends this company down the
tubes too, then moves on to the next victim with an additional VERY
impressive title from an even bigger company on his resume.  (and so on, and
so on...)

I wonder who the next victim will be?

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