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> I mean forgive me for being sarcastic, truely, I am sorry, 
> but I need to be
> able to talk to someone in Tech Support who can understand my 
> questions, and
> can understand Electronic Design, and can understand what I 
> am using Protel
> for and what I am trying to do with it, so that he can 
> understand why the
> problem is a problem, and more importantly he can understand 
> what needs to
> be done to fix the problem.
Why? Technical support is about technical support....

If you ring up Microsoft tech support, for help with Word XP crashing, do
you expect the helpdesk potplant to be a writer? I don't think so.

Technical support is *just* that. there are issues with their software,
people call up with a problem and a helpdesk potplant works out if it
matches any of their known list of problems. If it does, they read out the
solution step by step to you. If it doesn't they escalate the problem to
someone who is more technical.

If you want help with your design, or even your Protel methodology I'd be
happy to assist you, but I'll charge what my knowledge is worth.

> That is not to say that there is no one at Altium that has 
> this type of
> experience, but is does raise the question of whether or not there are
> enough people at Altium with this type of experience.

"People" at altium have beeen writing CAD software for what, 15 years now?
They have been providing valuable (and generally usable) tools to the
engineering community, and I imagine that as a result, some people at Altium
have a lot of knowlege about what makes good CAD software. Just because the
actual programmer hasn't been routing PC motherboards for the last ten years
doesn't mean they can't write program modules to spec. In fact if they had
been laying out motherboards all the time, maybe that would be a problem
because their windows programming skills might not be so great.

> For years and years and years, virtually everyone in our 
> industry (and I am
> sure that includes almost everyone in this forum), has been 
> complaining that
> all of the software is written by people who do not know the 
> first thing
> about Electronics or Electronic Design. This is a recognized 
> industry wide
> problem, and it didn't begin with me.
you seem to be talking about something else....
Protel is a tool. Every tool is designed for a way of working, and like it
or not, you CAN use protel very effectively. I find its user interface is
reasonably intuative and I find that I can work in a way that suits protel.
Why should Protel conform 100% to how you want to work? Its pretty flexible
as is, and everyone will want to use it differently. So of course people
will complain when it doesnt do 100% of what they want to do the way they
want to do it...

I think the problem is thay make the software flexible at all. It doesnt
need to be, but it makes people expect more.


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