> From: Brooks,Bill [mailto:BBrooks@;dtwc.com]
> We have been messing with SourceSafe to see if we can check 
> in and out jobs
> from an archive to handle rev control of boards and 
> schematics.

It can actually be quite handy, but will take up a lot of disk space on its
server when ddb files start getting big.... Always make sure you compact a
ddb before checking it in.

> We noticed
> that the read only thing happens when we check the job files 
> in and leave a
> copy behind... 

Thats the point. Really, to do proper verion control of something like a
design database, you *need* to check a file out to do anything at all with

I'd recommend you uncheck the "leave copy on local disk" option when
checking the files in, it removes the temptation to work on somehing when
you shouldn't. You can always go into sourcesafe and choose to get a local
copy fopr viewing/printing when you need to.

Or - if you want to keep your computer with the master copy - there is
another option when you check stuff into surce safe "keep files checked out"
this will basically backup your work to sourcesafe, but will then return
ownership of the files back to you automatically... it sounds like this is
what you are wanting to do. Its not necessarily the proper way to run
version conrol though.

> I'm curious how you all handle revision control and whether 
> you use the
> windows file system or store your files in the DDB. 
I used to use DDB's as it kept everything in one big lump that you could
easily handle. Plus, I think early protel99 had issues with the windows
directory format.... Frequent backups with sourcesafe meant that if anything
bad happened to the file, recent work was recoverable. (nothing bad ever did
though - in fact last time I ever lost work to protel software was in
protel98 & win98 many years ago when it used to sometimes crash during large
PCB file writes)

I don't use source safe any more - My new company uses CVS, but I havent
actually done much with that yet.


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