Hello Dennis,

I would actually expect this to happen, assuming that you renumbered the
pads on the board and not in the footprint library. (if in the library,
you would have to 'update pcb' from the open library to correct the
When you changed the pin numbers on the board, the net name assigned to
that pin would have stayed the same.
Effectively editing the 'loaded' netlist. The DRC checked the routing
against this 'edited' netlist.
Only re-loading the original netlist would re-assign the net names to
the new pad numbers (other than manually editing both the pin number and
net name for each pad).
Certainly something to be careful of though, especially when dealing
with 3rd party netlists.



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here is one about 99SE
maybe this is to be expected, i'm not sure, but it *almost* caught us 

the story:
we had a finished, released and working bd
for the next rev we unrouted all traces and moved some parts around to
new mechanical locations

the netlist did not change

we had a few 2 pin parts
the pads were numbered 1 & 2
for some good reasons which i will not go into
we renumbered 2 to 1 and 1 to 2

remember that the traces were all deleted

we then rerouted the board and it passed DRC

on final inspection the 1 & 2's were backwards compared to the schem
(Orcad sch, so no sync'r)

apparently since the pin 1 had previously acquired the net VCC after 
it became pin 2 it was still perfectly happy being on VCC and 
pin 2 was happy wherever it went even though the intent was otherwise

examining the netlist proved that the pin numbers did not match the
yet the DRC was fine which just shows that it does not walk the netlist 
pin numbers
maybe this is as it should be, i'm not sure
or maybe the DRC should take that extra step and resolve the pin numbers

a few cycles of clear the nets and load the nets resolved this but 
it would have been easy to release and it would have been AFU

in retrospect this should have all been obvious, 
i write it here as a word of caution so that others may not fall down
this hole
reload the netlist! reload the netlist!

a related side note about this:
when we went to re-load the netlist the correct file was in the drop box
we hit Execute and it did something or other and there were no changes

we did it a second time BUT used the Browse button to drill to the same 
file which was already listed and then it loaded a bunch of macros
and reversed the 2 pins

it does not seem to always need that extra step, just sometimes which is
a bit mysterious

Dennis Saputelli

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