Yes, been there, done that..(either a garbage man or a plumber)
I've often thought of the netlist as simply a look up table that 'load
netlist' uses to assign the nets to the respective pad attributes on the
board. The 'internal' board netlist really riding on the backs of the
pad properties, if you see what I mean. Since 99SE I've used the 'update
PCB' fron the schematic, but with earlier versions, where the netlist
had to be loaded, I remember similar issues, including what you describe
in your related  note. I don't know why this is so, but it seemed to be
ok if you did as you suggest.



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thanks for your comments

so you are saying this is as it should be?

i will not argue with that, but the distinction between the the internal

and external netlist can be a bit confusing even for those of us doing
this for some time

our pcb lib was 'cath' 'anod' so the part was re-numbered 'on board'
some time ago

the orcad sch (customer supplied) was '1' '2'

the part was an anti parallel bi color led being used in single color
mode, we couldn't edit their sch libs

we were struggling with long leg / short leg to square pad controversies

yada yada, i think you get the idea

my grandmother always said i should be a garbage man, it might have been

but what about the last part of my original message, 
'a related side note about this'
do you or does anyone know what i am talking about or have any comments
on that?

Dennis Saputelli

> a related side note about this:
> when we went to re-load the netlist the correct file was in the drop
> we hit Execute and it did something or other and there were no changes
> made
> we did it a second time BUT used the Browse button to drill to the
> file which was already listed and then it loaded a bunch of macros
> and reversed the 2 pins
> it does not seem to always need that extra step, just sometimes which
> a bit mysterious
> Dennis Saputelli

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