Hi Dave,

if you ever renamed layers in the layer stack manager you get these strange
results. It is a bug I reported some months ago.
If you remember how to rename them to their original names, that might
help. If not, no chance (to my knowledge). Maybe a copy of layer by layer
to a clean database would help also.

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Gisbert Auge
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I have a 10 layer PCB design file in which the editor shows layer names
normal, the design manager shows the color swatch and layer name properly.
When the gerber files are generated the .g2 file has the tracks from
midlayer4, .g3 file has the data from midlayer 2 , the .g4 file has the
from midlayer 3. Another side effect is that on the
dialog box the mid layers appear in this same shifted pattern 1-4-2-3. This
layer sequence also occurs on the gerber output selection check boxes.
The problem appears to be in the design file because I did a new install on
a separate computer and the results are the same. I copied the file to a
name selected all, cleared all, cleared all nets, saved and reopened and
empty design file still exhibits the same shifted layer patterns. I saved
the file to ASCII and found that line 2 had a number of definitions like
"layer?name=midlayer?" in the shifted sequence but correcting that in the
original ASCII file caused the file to get truncated after line 72.  I
suspect  something I did early in the design using the layer stack
management must have caused this but I have not found a way back.
I need to correct this file for future revisions.
Thank you

Dave Eloranta
Locus Inc.
5440 Research Park Dr.
Madison, WI

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