i am running P99SP6 with Win98SE and do not have the problem you described,
and as far as i can recall never had it. Do you sweep just one parameter or
two ?
Maybe a problem with Win2k ? Or bad RAM ? Problems with Win language
settings (decimal separator) ? Problems with the database because of old
MDAC driver ? Problems with background tasks like virus scanners ?
Did you try it with one of the demo circuits for simulation, or did you try
to copy your circuit and paste it into a "clean" sheet ? Did you check the
generated netlist ?
There are some issues with the simulation but nothing what would make it
unusable. You can always find a way to manage the problem. What makes the
simulator not so nice is the limited capability of the output (simview). We
use P99 since its release and in the end we were able to simulate any
circuit we wanted (mainly video and filter circuits). Most problems
(convergence) are spice related and are no P99 issues.

Rolf Molitor
Ing.Buero i2e

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. November 2002 08:33
Betreff: [PEDA] help: basic analog circuit simulation in p99se6, win2k

> Has anyone on this list had much luck with the Protel circuit simulator?
> Having mentioned it in passing a week or so ago, I've decided that since
> I've got it I may as well be using it, but I'm having an annoying problem.
> (P99se6, win2k, access ddb, single sheet schematic, stock sim components)
> I've made up a simple LC power supply filter (with damping resistor) to
> how the simulator works, and the simulation basically works as expected -
> providing the results I want. However I have a problem with running a
> "parameter sweep" on the transient analysis.
> I want to look at how adjusting a damping resistor in the circuit changes
> the overall filter response, and while I can do this, here is what's
> annoying me:
> I can run the simulation with parameter sweep fine, and I can view the
> different traces made by parameter sweep in SimData. However when I go
> to the schematic, (no difference if there was a component change or not)
> re-run the simulation, protel stops. I get "Error: Float invalid operation
> exception in simulation"
> Going back into SimView, hiding all the traces related to parameter sweep,
> and then re-running the simulation makes it work.
> Playing with "SimView setup" doesn't make any difference. (except the
> active signals" option trashes my graph views when I do get the sim to
> by hiding the traces) Changing the parameter sweep (start, end values,
> size) makes no difference either. I'm using default parameters for the
> transient analysis and changing them makes no difference.
> Here's the rub -
> For a couple of hours today this was *NOT* a problem. I could re-simulate
> parameter sweep simulation as many times as I wanted, without hiding
> each time and it worked fine. I made a change (adding a resistor in series
> with an inductor to model lead resistance) and all of a sudden my
> stopped working!!. removing the component again did not help, and I've
> basically spent about 2 hours of my time stuffing about in Protel99se
> to characterise the actual problem it just developed.
> Grrrr.
> Of course there is no such problem noted in Protel's knowlege base on the
> website, so any information that anyone can give me on how I can get by
> without having to hide and re-show traces between each simulation would be
> very much appreciated.
> Has anyone else had any problems like this with the circuit simulator in
> p99se? are there any more issues lurking about? Am I better off just
> downloading a basic copy of spice?
> Thanks,
> Julian Higginson

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