hey Rolf, thanks for your reply.

> i am running P99SP6 with Win98SE and do not have the problem 
> you described,
> and as far as i can recall never had it. Do you sweep just 
> one parameter or
> two ?

It was just the one parameter. I've spent a bit more time thinking about it
had another play with it this morning. It seems my problem was in wanting to
sweep a resistor value from zero ohms to 3 ohms in 0.5 ohm steps. The first
(zero ohm) step is where the problem is caused...... (though a 0R in this
position should NOT make any difference)

And like I said yesterday - if I *hide* the traces on the graph relating to
the parameter sweep, run the simulation, and then view the traces, I get
correct results. If I run the simulation without hiding the traces, then the
simulation gets stopped on an error. This is still happening. One more item
for the bug list?

If anyone wants a copy of my ddb with the test schematic and .sdf file then
I can email it. However I assume that posting it out to the mailinglist
would be bad form.

> There are some issues with the simulation but nothing what 
> would make it unusable. You can always find a way to manage
> the problem. 

That's good to hear, because I'm going to need some basic reliable circuit
simulation power over the next couple of months.

> What makes the
> simulator not so nice is the limited capability of the output 
> (simview).

hmm.. yeah though I'm doing OK with the relatively small demo circuits and
my own basic stuff so far.

> We
> use P99 since its release and in the end we were able to simulate any
> circuit we wanted (mainly video and filter circuits). Most problems
> (convergence) are spice related and are no P99 issues.
I'd better go and get a good book then. Its been a while since I've used

Can anyone running protel simulations recommend a good book to help with
spice related issues?


Julian Higginson

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