I really see no need for outrage at the releasing of Envisage DXP. At no
time, that I know of, was ATS actually charged for. ATS was free with the
first year in buying a new product seat. Has anyone actually paid for ATS in
this forum and got nothing ? If a 99 user bought ATS for real dollars they
should have gotten DXP. I upgraded a schematic license to a full Protel
suite and I got DXP, for free, as promised.

The announcement of NVISAGE is a good thing. One of problems that showed up
with the introduction of DXP was no 'per seat' schematic licensing
capability. So.... if your drafting office or anyone else wanted to view the
schematics... buy another full license suite please !!!! 

Since Envisage appears to represent the front end of DXP, they are only
coming full circle on a product design. What would be useful is a form of
Envisage that allows for not editable viewing of schematics and circuit
boards. Free readers are pretty commmon in popular CAD.

Those of that gave birth under Protel 99 know the pain that took the first
three service packs to actually fix it. DXP has its own path, in this
respect. Flaming Altium in this list appears to be useless. Altium never
forced any of its user's to pay for undesired upgrades right away. It did
apparantly appear so for a while. Henceforth, they cancelled ATS and in my
eyes this was an apparent apology. 


Fabian Hartery
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