Chill out and dispense with the philosophy, you are no longer at Throop.

The reality of the situation is that Altium and it's customers form a
"partnership" of sorts, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

The problem with partnerships is that they need to maintain a balance to be
productive, and when they become one sided, the productivity of the
partnership can suffer, and usually the other side loses.

Another problem with partnerships, is that their has to be good
communications between the parties. When one side stops listening, the other
side sometimes has to raise it's voice a little to be heard.

Raising your voice is sometimes very necessary and appropriate, and it does
not necessarily make you a bully.

Certainly, in an ideal partnership, there is much better and more open
communication than has been taking place in the instant sceanario.

Fortunately though, as of late, it is appearing that communications are
improving somewhat in this partnership, notwithstanding the fact that there
had to be a little raising of voices to accomplish that.

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> At 10:09 PM 11/12/2002, Andrew Jenkins wrote:
> >Actually, Flaming Altium has apparently resulted in Altium beginning to
> >listen to users, sans ATS, etc.
> What was effective was the cogent and coherent commentary of users who
> found problems with, for example, ATS. I really doubt that much, if
> anything, was gained by the flames except to identify, for all the world
> see, the people not to invite to the next party or the next company.... A
> few of us work for the government and don't have to worry about details
> like politeness and thoughtfulness.
> It is generally true that people who walk around angry find, they think,
> some desireable response from those whom they berate, insult, or threaten.
> The bully got some "respect," the screaming brat got what he wanted just
> that he would shut up, the yelling restaurant patron is appeased. Or
> out on his ear, depends on the mood of the management.
> But when long-term relationships are involved, with parties who are free
> make other choices, rage and bullying tend to leave the bully isolated or
> worse.
> One way to think of Altium is as our employee. There are some bosses who
> berate and insult their employees. It probably worked somewhere, sometime,
> for that boss, and besides, he gets to dump all his frustrations on
> else. And, living his life like that, he's going to have lots of

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