While there have been several replies which address the question of
cancelling out of the PCB Wizzard, and then proceeding from there to
generate your new component, there is yet another way that I use all of the
time which usually saves me a lot of time and energy.

Make a copy of an existing component that is close to what you want, and
then modify it to suit your needs.

It is usually a simple thing to find a similar component to what you need,
even if it is in a different library or in a different database.

This can save you a tremendous amount of time, especially if it is a complex

Simply highlight the component and rigntclick on it, select copy, and then
keep your mouse in the same window (or move to the project or database
library that you want the copy to be in) and rightclick again and select

This will work with both PCB and Schematic, although slightly differently,
and you can then modify the component as you need to and then rename it.

Don't forget that even if you do not have the original library for a
component, that you can "make" a "local" library from any database (either
PCB or Schematic), and then proceed to copy the component that you want to
modify to where ever you need it, and then delete the "local" library when
you are done with it (don't forget to empty the recycle bin).

Don't forget to double check and make sure that you don't have any wierd
properties or things that you don't want, that may have followed you from
the old component, which you may not see if you do not have the same
"layers" turned on. While it helps to compare "layers" between the "source"
and "destination" libraries, remember that there could still be "layers"
there that can't be seen since they were turned off in the "source" library.
Generally speaking, if you are fimiliar with the original component, or it
is one that you have previously made, you will not have to worry about this.

Also remember that Protel usually "resets" the "origin" of any component
that is "copied", so you may have to redo the "origin" of the "new"
component to suit your needs.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: [PEDA] question about new footprint in PROTEL

> Hi everybody,
> Is the "new component wizard " the only way to go about creating a new
component footprint in PROTEL or is there a way by which you can do it
yourself (without using the wizard)?
> please do reply,
> thanks and regards
> Anand Kulkarni

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