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Whoa there ! ! !

Wait Just a Darn Minute There ! ! ! (He said trying to keep it clean ! ! !)

Don't go giving anyone any ideas here ! ! !

It has only been a year since DXP was Officially Announced (one year ago
tomorrow, see below).

While DXP is offically only at SP2, it is actually currently in its eighth
acknowledged (known) incarnation:

1) DXP Original Beta Prior to Release (Limited Controlled Release) .

2) DXP Original Official Release.

3) DXP SP1 Pre-Release (Limited Controlled Release).

4) DXP SP1 Official Release.

5) DXP SP2 Pre-Release (Limited Controlled Release).

6) DXP SP2 Official Release - Current Official Release.

7) DXP SP3 Pre-Release (Limited Controlled Release).

8) DXP SP3 1/2 (SP3.5) Pre-Release (SP3 Build 104) - Current Pre-Release
(Limited Controlled Release).

(N O T E :  Based on current calculations using the current "Build Number"
of SP3.5 and compensating for the "Phase of the Day" and the "Time of the
Moon", there can be 17 more "Builds" of  SP3  before it actually becomes
necessary to either actually release the official version of  SP3, or go
directly into SP4 Pre-Release (this calculation additionally compensates for
the fact that it is now the middle of Winter in the land of Oz)).

While it is very apparent that they (Altium) have indeed employed a lot of
"Programming Talent [sic]" in getting DXP to where it currently stands at
this point in time (Officially only SP2), it is equally apparent by
examining the posts in this [DXP] forum, that not even they themselves
consider that DXP is out of the actual "Beta" stage and into a "Final
Functional Product Release Form Factor" yet.

Look, many of us that have actually already paid for DXP are still waiting
to get the signal that it has actually really and truly been transformed
into a stable working product that we can use, and here you come along and
try and give them ideas like the "price . . . increas[ing] dramatically".

Careful now, or they may get the idea that they can start charging for
Service Packs, or worse yet, changing the name of DXP to yet again something
else once they finally get it really working, so that they can charge all of
us massive "upgrade fees" for the "new product".

I think that the operative thing to do right now is to let it be known that
we are all still expectantly waiting for the actual delivery of a functional
DXP Product.

While DXP is 1 year old tomorrow from the announcement perspective, we are
all really still waiting for it to be delivered.

With respect to answering the original post by Thomas (below), which you
were answering:

Yes we still need and want SP7 for Protel 99 SE.


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Subject: [PEDA] Well, here it comes.....

***  BEGIN INSERT ************************

Release to the  Australian Stock Exchange earlier:

SYDNEY, Australia -July 22, 2002 - Altium Limited (ASX: ALU),
a leading developer of Windows-based electronic design and
development software, is pleased to announce there release
of Protel DXP - the latest version of its Protel board-level
design system.

After the completion of a productive external beta release,
Protel DXP was sent to manufacture last Friday. The official
product launch and marketing activity is scheduled to begin
early next week.

Protel DXP represents a major upgrade to the Protel product
line and brings a host of generational improvements delivering
innovative features and technologies. It marks the beginning
of a number of significant product releases from Altium
scheduled for 2002103.

With this next generation of the highly-successful Protel
product line, Altium continues to breakdown barriers to
innovation and technological advancement by providing every
engineer, designer and developer with easy access to the best
possible design tools.

***   END INSERT  *************************

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Subject: Re: [dxp] Bugs situation - why upgrade to DXP?

> Thomas,
> You have to expect the price of DXP to increase dramatically as Altium
> clearly employed many programmers over many months putting bugs INTO the
> software ;-) Sorry, that does not help you with your decision. It is my
> personal opionion that 99SE SP6 is far better and more stable than DXP.
> There are many nice features in DXP (but NOT the autorouter) but I feel is
> is too unstable to warrant upgrading at the moment. I would suggest you
> an eye on this forum as you get a true indication of the problems with DXP
> from the horses mouth.....the people actually trying to use it !
> Good luck with your decision
> Andy Fraser
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> > Hello!
> >
> > Our company have used Protel since the 3.x versions, or maybe 2.x also,
> > don't remember.. But up to 99SE this software has been quite full of
> > and issues. 99SE SP6 was getting closer but it's still full of bugs and
> > experience lots of instabilites. That's also our current version. I've
> > sending in bug lists a few times but not getting much response.
> >
> > Due to this and future evalutation of what to do with upgrades to DXP I
> > wonder how happy are you current DXP users with this latest release
> > including current service packs? The price of DXP have increased
> > dramatically and I fear we really don't get what we think we pay for.
> >
> > It's mostly schematic, simulation and pcb that is of interest, in that
> > order.
> >
> > Comments?
> >
> >

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