Yes, there are some of us designing HDI and microvia out there.
Yes, some threads went throu the EDA-Forum some month ago.
Yes, there is osmething in the Archiv: Plese find the Thread under:
http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg07842.html

No, I dont know an easy way to get Pī99SE to set the right vias
in the right place.

You asked:
> How do the CAM files turn out?

I am working out a kind of "code" together with the Boardfab.
Means: if I set avia with hole-diameter of 4mil it means it is a
Laser-drilled Microvia. Eaven if it is schowed in the Drill-files.
He uses the .DR2/.TX2 and other interstitial-drill-fiels to create
the Laser-drill-files. I write down the necessarily informations in
a simple Text-files. (Realy not a way a up-to-date EDA-system 
should go.)
> Do I have to make a ton of crazy DRC rules? 

If it comes to Vias, I have not found a way to do that. So I gave up
and handle the vias manual. Doing only 4-Layer Multilayers I always
have both kind of Micrvias somewhere on my design, and set them by 
copy and paste in the place I need them. That is the best way I found,
someone here in the Forum (Dennis? Darren? canīt find it) 
showed it to me. (thanks again, Guys)
I read a few weeks ago something in the DXP-Forum. Seames like DXP 
can handle different vias dependent on the connected Layer better.
But I dont realy know. Perhaps Ian "the Crack" Wilson, or one of the Guys 
using DXP can tell more about.
Perhaps there is someone with more Ideas.

Hope my 2c of advice helps you a little.


Waldemar Kulajew

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