we have implemented a Protel library system similar to what you describe. It makes use 
of Protel .ddb file access control. In  Design Team folder in library .ddb you will 
find another foolder, called Members. There you set up names and passwords for all 
people with access to the library. You will have to create a list of all users here by 
adding new users. After doing that go to Permissions folder and set up access rights 
for [All users] and individual users. You can set up global access rights and access 
rights to individual files. Access rights to individual files overwrite the global 
access rights. You will have to create new permissions here. Master library can be set 
with a global access right such as [R] for read only. Information on details of 
setting this up can be found in the P99SE manual.

We have been using this system for a couple of years and never had any problems.

Hope this helps.



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I need to hear other's experiences with library management in Protel 99SE
SP6. (I assume that DXP is similar)  We have many users in our company and
access to the library seems to only work for users that have 'write' access
to the library file and folder. If they are restricted to 'read only' access
the program doesn't recognize the file. The work around, at the moment, is
to copy the library out of the 'read only' directory on our server and place
the copy locally where the user has 'write' access. The software seems to
like that scenario fine. But then we have multiple copies of the library in
different stages of completion floating around the company on different
computers. The temptation to use 'non-standard' symbols or footprints is
potentially hazardous... We want to control the accuracy of the library and
want to have one responsible designer manage the library for consistency
sake and to reduce errors.

Does anyone have a library system or configuration that works and that
allows other users access to a single library that gets updated only by the
component librarian with write privileges while the others who use it have
read privileges? If so, how did you make it work and how did you get around
these access right issues?

Bill Brooks

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