I can think of four easy things to try right-off-the-bat.

First - It has been my experience that failure of DXP to display an imported .dwg or .dxf file is most often due to negative coordinate elements in the drawing you are trying to import. Be sure that the zero reference for the drawing is set such that there are no negative elements (i.e. - all drawing elements are right and above the reference point).

Second - Open a CAM job in DXP, and try importing your DWG file to CAMTASTIC. You can then try to export to PCB, or you can export as a Gerber then import the Gerber into the PCB file.

Third - CorelDraw will also save a .dxf file. Try that instead of .dwg.

Fourth - CorelDraw will also export a file as HPGL, open a CAM job under DXP, import the HPGL file, export to PCB or export a GERBER which can then be imported into the PCB.

AutoCad file formats are notorious for inconsistency from version-to-version. Many importers, not just Protel's, choke on the differences.

At 09:31 PM 9/10/03 +0000, you wrote:
Im trying to get a PCB to fit the internals of an 165x85x55 IP65 box.(its not just a rectangle) The size shape and mounting holes are allready available to me in corel draw. I have tried exporting from CD as dwg and importing to DXp with no luck(nothing seen on screen).I find DXPs CAD for making such shapes and mounting very tedious. I have tried PCB and PCB lib quickly and given up.Id hoped I could import from CD somehow. Even if its only an accurate image on a layer that I can then trace over the top of.
any ideas?
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