I'm doing the following in such cases:

0/ (with the slash) as a Prefix in the first schematic
not only for component designators but also for
net labels und ports. For Example 0/R12, 0/R17, 0/C5, 0/N423
and so on.

Then it's easy to make a copy of the schematic und
use the <edit - replace text> dialog from the schematic main
menu bar to change all strings in the copied schematic.
You should use:

Text to find:   *       as wildcard for all texts
replace with:  {0/=1/}  replace only the prefix

Components named in this way are looking a little bit unusual
but i've found no problems so far. Protel pcb and the
synchroniser don't complain.

This should also work with other characters as 
separator, for example the dot <.> and also with postfixes
if you need the characters like R or C at the beginning 
of the designators.

It's important that the seperator isn't used in normal
designator names. 

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  I am new to both Protel and this forum.  I am using Protel 99 SE.  

  I am designing an eight channel active filter.  Each channel is identical to the 
others except for component values.  I have created the first block and numbered all 
components starting with 100 (i.e. U100, R100, R101, R102, etc.).  

  What I want to do is copy the block and make a global change that applies to the 
selected block.  Specificaly, I want to change the component designators in the 
selected block to the next higher century block (i.e U100>U200, R100>R200, R101>R201, 

  Every attempt I have made so far has resulted in either no changes, or changes to 
all of the occurences of the digits I am substituting (i.e R101 becomes R202, not 
R201, and R102 also becomes R202).

  If anyone could give me a hint, I would greatly appreciate it. 


  Michael Badillo
  Engineering Technician
  Qual-Tron, Inc.

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