Thank you much for your reply.  This group has been wonderfully helpful.  I've gotten 
several replies on how to deal with this issue.  They all work and are all easy to 

Thanks again,
Michael Badillo

From: Jörg Guttmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 2003/09/15 Mon PM 12:19:40 EDT
To: "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: [PEDA] Global changes

I'm doing the following ín such cases:

0/ (with the slash) as a Prefix in the first schematic
not only for component designators but also for
net labels und ports. For Example 0/R12, 0/R17, 0/C5, 0/N423
and so on.

Then it's easy to make a copy of the schematic und
use the <edit - replace text> dialog from the schematic main
menu bar to change all strings in the copied schematic.
You should use:

Text to find:   *       as wildcard for all texts
replace with:  {0/=1/}  replace only the prefix

Components named in this way are looking a little bit unusual
but i've found no problems so far. Protel pcb and the
synchroniser don't complain.

This should also work with other characters as 
separator, for example the dot <.> and also with postfixes
if you need the characters like R or C at the beginning 
of the designators.

It's important that the seperator isn't used in normal
designator names. 

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  I am new to both Protel and this forum.  I am using Protel 99 SE.  

  I am designing an eight channel active filter.  Each channel is identical to the 
others except for component values.  I have created the first block and numbered all 
components starting with 100 (i.e. U100, R100, R101, R102, etc.).  

  What I want to do is copy the block and make a global change that applies to the 
selected block.  Specificaly, I want to change the component designators in the 
selected block to the next higher century block (i.e U100>U200, R100>R200, R101>R201, 

  Every attempt I have made so far has resulted in either no changes, or changes to 
all of the occurences of the digits I am substituting (i.e R101 becomes R202, not 
R201, and R102 also becomes R202).

  If anyone could give me a hint, I would greatly appreciate it. 


  Michael Badillo
  Engineering Technician
  Qual-Tron, Inc.

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