There IS a manual way, using rooms and component classes.

A room is defined in the Rules using in_component_class('name'), classes are
defined by the
synchroniser, or manually, there has to be one class per room.

Classes (and rooms) muck up if the room/class definition is in any way
wrong, the room functionality seems to
stop working and synchs no-longer work.  To get out of this you need to
delete all classes and rooms then re-synch. (Another bug)

For this reason, its much easer, (and repeatable/maintainable) to define the
rooms (channels) in the schematic then simply update.  If you get your
idents to match the existing PCB, then your PCB will inherit the room
definitions defined in the schematic. 'Update component links' can assist

Obviously rooms have to be identical in all ways except component idents,
any signal connection differences or component value differences will not be
passed to the PCB.

The PCB traces are copied between rooms where the room boundary COMPLETELY
surrounds a trace segment. Any overlap,
(even one pixel) will not be duplicated (I think this is a bug).


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On 09:39 PM 22/09/2003, Peder K. Hellegaard said:
>I have made an SCH design in P99SE with 7 identical channels/subcircuits.
>The components are designated in accordance with the convention
>R100, R101.......C100, C101 etc.
>R200, R201.......C200, C201 etc.
>R300, R301.......C300, C301 etc.
>and so on........
>I have placed and routed the first circuit in P99SE. Due to the fact that
>isn't very easy to copy the layout/placement in PCB for the remaining 6
>circuits, I have borrowed a DXP for trial.
>Here I import the P99SE design and I want to use the "Copy Room formats"
>after hitting the OK button in the "Confirm channel format copy" dialoge
>box, the appropriate room is sized correctly and I receive a message:
>"Updated 0 components in 1 room" and nothing else happens.
>Why aren't the relevant components moved into the room and 'routed' like
>source room ?

I haven't used DXP channels, but I think you would need to inform DXP what 
is in the channels.  This is done, as far as I know, in the schematic and 
uses "Repeat" commands to replicate a sch sheet.  There is a sample project 
showing this in the DXP samples - the Multi-Channel Mixer.

 From there the rooms (and hence the layout) can be managed.  I am not sure 
if there is a manual method of informing the PCB editor what makes up your 


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