I too have an Official Protel 99 SE Mouse Pad . . .

I Stopped by Protel NA in Rancho Bernardo (Baja Escondido) one day, and
among other things, I asked them for a Protel Coffee Cup.

Much to my surprise, they apologized and said that they did not have
such a thing as a Proel Coffee Cup, but instead produced a Protel 99 SE
Mouse Pad, and an Altium Frizbee (for "Tasking" if I remember
correctly). I am trying to remember if they had Mouse Pads at PCB West .
. .

Anyway, I keep it in a compartment in my laptop case, just in case I run
into something that will not work too well with my Logitech Optical
Mouse, but I never noticed wheather or not it had a problem with that
mouse, since I don't remember if I have actually ever tried to use it
other than just momentarily, since the Logictech seems to work on pretty
much anything I have tried it on, including my Levis and the console and
seatcovers in my Jeep. Oh well . . .

Never really looked at it closely . . . Hey, maybe it is useful after
all . . .

Just dug it out, and tried it with my Logitech, and it seems to work OK
unless the Mouse Pad is not flat (notwithstanding that it is new, the
Mouse Pad does appear to have a bit of a built in "curl" to it). I have
noticed this before, that whenever the Logitec is not in direct contact
with a flat surface, it misses some things. My Computer Work Bench is
made from a large Kitchen Counter Top (imitation woodgrain) that I got
from Home Depot (one of those super hardware stores), which has a
radiused front edge (easy on the arms and wrists when working on the
computer all day), but the radiusd edge is also raised just a bit from
the remaining top surface (nice to prevent pencils from rolling off,
etc.), and I notice that whenever the rear of the Logitech Optical Mouse
goes up on the raised edge a bit the Mouse stops working. It appears to
be because the Mouse works on reflected light, and changing the contact
distance (even slightly it seems), appears to screw up the reflected
light. Just noticed that it also screws up a normal mouse with a ball
when the surface is not flat and I get too close to the edge with its
radiused bump . . .


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I have a Protel mousepad... it doesn't play well with optical mouse..  i
thought my mouse was screwed up.. then i thought my mouse driver was
hosed...  then one of my cohorts suggested my mousepad was suspect...
changed out the Protel pad and mouse stability has returned...
i suppose i could tack it to the wall for reference...


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> grid.
> Thanks, I wish I had gotten one of those.
> (Mousepad.jpg)

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