At 02:23 PM 10/22/2003, Mike wrote:
To: Allen Todd
From: Mike Amorelli

I got your message about a possible problem with my server, however I have no problems with your Protel forum or any other e-mails. Can you call or fax me a password so I may try the DXP forum. Unless you know of a specific error code for your returned e-mail I can't do anything to ratify the problem. I did however, have no problem downloading you SP3 for DXP off your site. If you have the error code you can fax it to 603-579-5455.

Mr. Amorelli appears to have been written by Mr. Todd (of Altium, I think) about some bounced mail.

This PEDA Forum is not operated by Altium and is not a reliable way to reach Altium. Some employees may read it and might forward the message, but it would be more reliable to write to Altium. And in this case, telephone.

It is quite easy for a mail system spam filter to catch non-spam, identifying the source as a spam source, and then no mail will come through from that source. This may have happened. That Mr. Amorelli receives this Forum is completely a separate matter from his receipt of mail from Mr. Todd, presumably at And all the rest of his mail could be working perfectly and still Mr. Todd's mail would not get through.

In my wife's business, I had a potential customer in England writing me for about four months, once every few weeks, asking how to buy a product of ours. And then the next mail would complain that she had received no response, etc. She gave us no other way to reach her, so it was a tad frustrating. Finally I realized that I could send her mail from a different address, and I did, and she got it. Yes, her server has spam filtering....

Isn't spam wonderful? ... it makes our lives so interesting. Any day I expect that $30 million to be wired into my account, and I get 20%, and all I had to do was be helpful to this poor relative of a dead dictator.... I promise I'll share it with all my friends.... :-)

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