Perhaps this should be better posted to DEV Forum but it seems to be
dead, so I post it here.

Those who followed "Macro with Process container" thread know that
there is some problem with Sch:PlaceProcessContainer process.
More precisely - there is some problem with passing parameters to it.

I suggested to Eric Bobillier, that perhaps he should find another
way of doing what he wants, but finally I decided to write a server
that would create a Process Container.
I treated it as an exercise - I had written 2 very simple servers
before but they didn't read any parameters.

The server that creates Process Container is very simple, I limited
the number of parameters passed to it to 5:
PrecessName, InstanceName, Configuration, Location.X, Location.Y

Everything works fine except one thing:
The Configuration parameter has to look like "Application=Notepad.exe"
or "Color=255" so it includes "=" sign.
And this sign is lost somewhere before it reaches my server.

I tried passing this parameter as a plain text, with quotation mark and
with an apostrophe (quotation mark and apostrophe can be removed later).

When I type: Configuration=Application=Notepad.exe
I get:       ApplicationNotepad.exe

When I type: Configuration="Application=Notepad.exe"
I get:       "ApplicationNotepad.exe"

When I type: Configuration='Application=Notepad.exe'
I get:       'ApplicationNotepad.exe'

So the Process Container is created and has proper process name, X and Y
location and instance name but in any case the configuration field
lacks the "=" sign.

I thought that this could be a problem with GetState_Parameter procedure
but it's not - when I display a message containing "Parameters" variable,
before I extract single parameters it shows without "=" mark already.

Anybody has an idea how to deal with this?

I know that this may be of little interest to the majority of PEDA forum
so the continuation (if any) can be moved to DEV Forum or off-line

Thanks in advance,
Wojciech Oborski

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