Bob - I assume you are referring to your post "Re: [PEDA] oblong Pads/Slots (plated) in P99SE" with your send date of Oct 14, 2003. You were not the only one to receive it, it was received and posted to everyone on Saturday November 8th, 2003.

When I left the office on Friday evening, there were no messages pending in the incoming or outgoing message folders of the list server. The "late" post was received and distributed the next day on Saturday the 8th, so the late posting was caused by a problem somewhere upstream of the list server. The could be anywhere from your mail client to any of the servers on the Internet between you and our list server. Most likely what happened is that someone's mail server crashed in October causing your message to get "stuck" en route. Someone probably found and released the message during maintenance of the server on Saturday.

If I had a copy of your original message I'd be able to tell you more, but our list server doesn't save copies of the incoming posts, only archives of distributed posts which no longer have the headers of the original email.

Although it's not common to see email messages take so long to be delivered, it does occasionally happen. We experienced such a problem two or three years ago when our ISP found mail almost a year old on their mail servers (we have a different ISP now). I have a feeling that most ISP's would simply have deleted the old "stuck" mail to save themselves embarrassment.

BTW, our list server did go off-line later Saturday afternoon and was restored Monday morning. The problem was caused by some particularly nasty spam. Our list server does an excellent job of blocking spam & viruses (I'm aware of only one spam message that got through and posted to the forum since we installed our current list server) but code in some spam messages will occasionally hang our server. Over the years the amount of daily spam directed at our list has grown to tremendous proportions. We will be changing the post-to address of all our forums in the near future in order to reduce the number spam and virus messages to which it must contend. We'll notify everybody before that occurs.


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At 12:47 PM 11/8/2003, you wrote:
I just now received my own post back from beginning of October
Is there something wrong with the forum

Bob Wolfe

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