thank you Ian,

I have seen people use alpha/numerics or just numbers or letters to name ports (ports called something else in other schematic capture programs) and some use net names. Is there a naming scheme that works best in Protel? Some of the schematics I've inherited have net names different than port name, which in some cases seems confusing.

hope nobody is offended by my name, I hope to be in Protel Heaven soon. Need to know 3 different CAD here, so it's a little like hell right now.

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Subject: Re: [PEDA] Place Port vs. place offpage connectors
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On 01:06 AM 14/11/2003, Protel Hell said:
Hi all,

Protel DXP newbie here, many years using other CAD tools (PADS, Orcad mainly), with basic question:

what is the difference between ports & offpage connectors, when is each used and why? what advantage does one have over the other?

Ports are the normal sort means of connecting signals from one sheet to another in Protel products (assuming you are not using a Ports Global naming scheme). Off sheet connectors are provided mainly to provide support for Orcad imports, I understand. They are new in DXP. Unless you expect to be going back and forth to Orcad you can probably stay with ports.

Many DXP designs will use only ports. Off sheet connectors are more rarely used. There has been quite a bit of discussion of the off sheet connector and when and how to use it on the DXP forum. I just tried searching the archive but couldn't find the stuff I am sure is there. There seem to be some problems with searching the archive.

DXP has a number of scopes for nets and ports. By default DXP willl attempt to figure out what sort of scope it should use based on your use of sheet entries and ports. You can override the automatic selection of scope in the Project Options dialog. Click in the drop list and hit F1 for help.


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