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thank you Ian,

I have seen people use alpha/numerics or just numbers or letters to name ports (ports called something else in other schematic capture programs) and some use net names. Is there a naming scheme that works best in Protel? Some of the schematics I've inherited have net names different than port name, which in some cases seems confusing.

Protel will support this sort of thing - that is nets having different names from ports. In the past pretty much only netlabels and power objects named nets, ports and sheet entries did not. In DXP ports and sheet entries can name nets but there are some gotchas there (a port labelled net is not the same as a net-labelled net - there is detailed discussion of this elsewhere). In full hierarchical design ports connect to sheet entries on the next higher sheet, sheet entries connect to other sheet entries via wires or busses. There can be many different names for the same net. DXP has a good navigator that helps figure all this out (after you "compile" the design).

The simplest scheme, where you can do this, is to simply use the same port and net labels for the same net throughout the design. Oh...and add a net label to every net that has a port, you only need to add the netlabel once somewhere but I usually add a net label next to the port at every port instance. In other design scenarios, where this is not possible, you need to take some care to check you understand the interconnection (use the Navigator, or create and print a netlist and go through it with a highlighter). You should only need to do this a couple of time until you are confident of the results. DXP will give warnings of nets having multiple names when it detects this.

hope nobody is offended by my name, I hope to be in Protel Heaven soon. Need to know 3 different CAD here, so it's a little like hell right now.

This list is often getting questions about comprehensive, detailed, rational and fair comparisons between CAD packages - have you any comments? What about in 6 months time when you have decent experience all round? I would be very interested in such a post or even article.

If you wanted to post on the Altium DXP forum you may want to give yourself a different moniker though.


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