William, Steve and others

I'm afraid that there was some confusion in this situation.
And that confusion was caused by original writer.

Because there was no other information in the original post specifying
the version of software, I assumed (and so did Steve, maybe others as well)
that the question was about Protel 99SE.
From the self-answer it can be seen that it was about Protel DXP.

My personal (possibly subjective) comment:
Although there is a separate (Altiums) forum specifically for DXP and the
posts placed here (PEDA forum) concern mainly Protel 99SE, the questions
about DXP are neither banned nor prohibited and not even discouraged here
in no way.
However, IMO it is a good practice to specify clearly which version of the
software the question concerns.
Especially if it's anything else than 99SE.

Wojciech Oborski

William Dager wrote:

Hi again folks,

This may seem like a real dumb question and perhaps it is right in front
of me and I am blind to it.  In some other EDA tools, you are able to
select an entire group of traces, right-click and edit items common to
all the tracks such as width.

Is there a way to do this in Protel?  I want to select an entire group
of tracks, and change all the tack widths to one regardless of their
current width.  Can anyone assist me?

Thank you and Best regards,

Bill Dager

William Dager wrote:
> It WAS dumb...I found it...Inspector!
> Never mind.

Steve Hendrix wrote:

> I'm surprised nobody jumped in and answered this already. Select your tracks,
> then dblclk one of them to open the edit box. Bottom right corner, click the
> "global" button. In the middle column, set selection to "Same". change the
> track width as you wish, and click OK. Up pops a dialog box telling how many
> objects will change, and asking for confirmation to proceed.

Steve Hendrix

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