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> Is there a way to do this in Protel? I want to select an entire group > of tracks, and change all the tack widths to one regardless of their > current width. Can anyone assist me? > >

I'm surprised nobody jumped in and answered this already. Select your tracks,
then dblclk one of them to open the edit box. Bottom right corner, click the
"global" button. In the middle column, set selection to "Same". change the
track width as you wish, and click OK. Up pops a dialog box telling how many
objects will change, and asking for confirmation to proceed.

Steve Hendrix


DXP uses a different method of doing globals - or multi-object edits as they seem to be called in DXP. William answered his own question when he posted later with some thing like "never mind...Inspector."

DXP has a panel, that can be left floating or can be popped up as required, that shows all the attributes that all the selected objects share - the Inspector panel. So if I have only tracks selected then all the attributes of tracks are shown in the Inspector. If I have both pads and tracks selected only those attributes that both tracks and pads share are shown (for example Net is shown, but not Hole Size).

You can change the value of all selected objects in one go using the Inspector.

It will get very confusing if people don't state clearly what version of Protel they are using as DXP is different from P99SE in quite a few areas (globals, the use of queries, the layout of dialogs and the use of panels in particular). There is nothing to stop DXP being discussed on PEDA but it still seems to be assumed that users posting to PEDA, rather than one of the Altium forums, are discussing P99SE rather than DXP. If users want to discuss DXP here maybe it would be worth making it very clear.


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