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> Hi all,
> This job will be my first where a pick and place machine is 
> used.  I have some confusion regarding bottom side components.

The Protel PP report is very basic and its usefulness will depend a lot
on what you have defined as the component centre for you parts as well
as the part name. 
The data can be used as is. 
The important area from your CEM point of view, is to match the parts to
be placed with the corresponding vision footprint library on the target
placement machines, which is information you do not have.

If you have followed pin 1 convention for marking centre/rotation
points, Or, if this is not going to be a common part of your daily work
flow, or, the volume is low, then just pay your CEM to manipulate the
data for you.

But some considerations if you are going to manipulate the data, 

As the origin can be at a different location for top and bottom I
usually export 2 reports. Set the top side origin and export. Set the
bottom side origin (remember this will be flipped in order to use it)
and export a second set. Delete all lines with B under the layer column
from the first file and all lines with T from the second file.

Some placement machines can filter the layers on import but do not
always make it easy to define a different origin or working in negative
numbers for very fine mode placement.

> How do people generally handle the pick and place report?  Do 
> you re-orient the results so that X is increasing facing the 
> bottom of the board (so that the bottom looks like the top).  
> What is the transoform on rotation.  I see that Protel 
> buggers it, but it doesn't give the same answer as if the 
> component were on the top layer?

If you do not want to do this yourself you can pay the CEM to do it for
you. Ill add a little more detail than you need, in case it is useful.

As we do assembly here as well, our flow is to convert the PP file by
means of a utility we wrote in house to re-format the Protel PP file to
a format that can be imported to our off-line programming software. 

This could just as easily be done in MS Excel with macros or some VB
scripts as they are repetitive.

The software also searches the file for matches under the part column
and replaces the data with a 'matched' part number contained within an
external alias file. In the case of an internal design RTM, the part
names are always OK, in the case of external designs we use the alias
file to 'match' client supplied part names to the vision library names
of the machines. 

We also added some additional features to this utility for common
footprint, non polarised parts such as 0603 etc to avoid undue head
rotations that would slow down the machines. It parses the file for a
match on part name / footprint and does conditional replaces on the
rotation value so that 90 or 270 deg will always be set to 90 (same as
feeder pick orientation) so no head rotation needed, same for 0, 360,
180 which are all set to 0 deg for same reason.

Although most software that comes with the placement machines will
optimise for feeder position, pick sequence and path to give you the
best optimised placement program it can, sometimes split over many
machines on the line, most optimisers cannot do this simple task as they
have no way to mark or conditionally filter these selections.

> Basically what massaging should be needed besides linking to 
> the compnent data base to get full component info?

Depends on target software that will import it. As this is the first
time you have done this, ask for a copy of the intermediate & final file
they make, it is usually ASCII anyway so you can see the end format


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