Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that DXP has been installed and seems to be
working ok on a computer that's got 99SE as well. It seems to be a more
powerful tool but I haven't done and major layouts with it yet. It does seem
a little slower than 99SE though.

One problem I've encountered is as follows; this was taken from Protel
Knowledge base:

Query: Why do I get an error message: "The Film is too small for this PCB"
when I generate Gerber files?

Answer: This occurs in two cases. Either the Gerber film size is smaller
than the PCB, or the PCB file contains off-board objects that make the
extents larger than expected.

To enlarge the film size in the Gerber setup dialog, click on the Advanced
tab and enter appropriate X and Y values for the film size. If these values
already seem large enough for your PCB, return to the PCB editor and press
Ctrl + Page Down (or select View > Fit Document). If your PCB file contains
objects outside of the board's edges, the screen will resize to contain
these objects (if they're very far away, the board will appear very small).
To clean up the extra primitives, deselect everything by pressing XA (Edit >
Deselect > All), then press SO (Edit > Select > Outside Area) and drag
around the whole board.

Before deleting, you may open the List panel (F12) and review the selected
objects (right-click for an option to remove non-selected objects from the
list). Once these objects are deleted, or otherwise returned to their
rightful place within the extents of the PCB, the film error should be

My problem is that we did all this and it still gives me this error. I tried
selecting board and moving it to a new PCB page and I tried selecting the
PCB inside area and moving it to a new pcb page as well. Nothing seem to

Tim Fifield

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