On Monday afternoon members of this forum received multiple postings of the "New Protel Forum" message. There were a number of replies that flamed the poster of the original message because they incorrectly assumed he had purposely flooded the forum with multiple postings (note that the time stamp is identical on all the messages). We intercepted the replies to avoid a flame war and also because the replies would likely have caused multiple postings as well.

The actual cause of the duplicate messages was an infrastructure problem at or near our ISP. According to our ISP, "Network Infrastructure Failure/Fiber Interruption. Intermittent Service Possible for 12 hours". It appears that because of the intermittent nature of the problem, the outgoing emails were not confirmed by the receiving servers and hence our server assumed a delivery failure and resent the message. This occurred over and over each time our server attempted delivery.

We became aware of the problem within a short time but not before most users had received upwards of forty messages. We resolved the problems by clearing the outgoing queue but we did not post any explanation messages to the forums since these would probably have kept resending as well. We also put a hold on outgoing messages until the fiber problem could be resolved. Fortunately forum traffic has been virtually non-existent so it didn't appear to affect members to greatly.

The problem was resolved by the next morning but now we found out outgoing mail was being blocked by an anti-spam list (perhaps an irate member reported that we were spamming them). We are still attempting to have our list server de-listed on the spam block list, but we have found an alternate relay that will allow us to operate in the mean time.

As always, if there is a problem, please notify the Forum Administrator (and thank you to those that did). Running these forums is always a challenge. Although the problems were beyond our control, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused any of the members.

If anyone wishes to discuss this, please do so on the [OT] Open Topic forum.


Forum Administrator
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