Choong Keat Yian--You seem to have mastered Orcad Layout very well. We found this very 
difficult to do. We found it very hard to figure out how to use the template files and 
spreadsheet settings, that may have been our problem. However we were able to start 
laying out boards with early versions of Protel within a very short period of time. 

Another factor. Fairly early licensee of Protel, have kept up the license upgrades but 
until recently stayed at 3.x PCB. Are now jumping all the way up to DXP, but we never 
actively used the intermediate versions. It always seemed that it might be worthwhile 
upgrading some time in the future, but, let's wait until we finish THIS project. Short 
efforts in the intermediate versions--especially when they forced you to use a special 
database--discouraged a switch over. Seemed then as though Protel was trying to solve 
problems we didn't have. Anyway that's ancient history.... But agree that some of the 
Protel versions that came out after 3.x weren't very attractive, probably lost them a 
lot of business.

Still, having said all that, the temptation ever to jump to Orcad layout is zero from 
this corner of the world.... 

My informal survey is that probably one of the most popular combinations out there is 
Orcad schematic, PADS layout.

Best regards,

Kerry Berland
Silicon Engines
2101 Oxford Road
Fax 847-803-6870
Des Plaines, IL 60018 USA

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From: Choong Keat Yian [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 6:50 AM
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] Orcad vs. Protel (was: Leaving Protel)

Maybe you should let us know your level of skill in OrCAD Layout becaouse strangely i 
am using it to route my Protel files and speed up the job.I have tried 99SE and now 
even my supervisor who was educated with Protel since his colledge days abandon it and 
go back to Protel 2.8 insteadmy solution is to use the universal translation power of 
Layout 9.2 to do the routing perfectly most of the time and even if i use manual 
routing comparison between Protel 99se with Layout,OrCAD interactive manual routing 
still a good tool and its autorouting is consider as superb all this while,finishing 
job which took days in just a few second or minutes.The key in succesful usage of 
OrCAD Layout is in the knowledge of its Technology Template files and Spreatsheet 
setting,and its inter-translation utilities for P-CAD,Protel,Allegro and other very 
good,of all the Protel Import and Export,its just help me alot in using Protel too.One 
thing for sure,after 6 yrs with OrCAD,i dont encounter many crash or hang and this 
involve all the PC's that i have been usig all this years.


Kerry Berland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>We did a custom project last year in which we were asked to use Orcad Layout
>in place of Protel. It was an ordeal. Lacked behind Protel in dozens of
>ways. Error checking was poor, user interface difficult to learn, limited
>undo, many other shortcomings. Our opinion--their schematic capture program
>is decent, their layout program was truly awful.
>Later on we did another custom project with some very talented engineers.
>Got to talking about layout packages. One engineer said, well, out here in
>Southern California, a lot of people use Orcad's schematic capture program,
>but virtually nobody uses their layout package.
>Have heard of a lot of people using PADS, some using PCAD, some Protel, but
>very rarely run into people using Orcad for layout. 
>Maybe that's just one prejudiced point of view....
>Best regards,
>Kerry Berland
>Silicon Engines
>2101 Oxford Road
>Fax 847-803-6870
>Des Plaines, IL 60018 USA

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