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> Hi,
> I was wondering if any DXP users were on this forum because I 
> have a few questions that I think should be easy to answer 
> but for the life of me I just can't seem to figure them out. 
> 1. When I place a resistor I see 3 parameters for that part: 
> R?, res, 1K How do I globally turn off the 'res' parameter so 
> that when I place a part I only see R? and 1K

This only applies to some of the parts in the default DXP libraries.

The value you are seeing as RES1 comes from the comment field.

Use shortcuts T, P then select 'Default Primitives', double click 'Part'
from the list of primitives and uncheck the box to the right of 'Comment'
field and click OK.

All of the parts you will place will no not have the RES1 visible as your
'comment' field is now hidden.

If you have already placed a lot of parts, then you should use the find
similar object function and change all these to non visible as well. 

Just be careful as the 'comment' field was actually used as the value in
99se... So imported sheets will not have the value=xxxx parameter in the SCH
symbol and will not show you any value for the part as you have hidden it!

> 2. I was wondering what general strategies you guys and gals 
> use to route your boards. Do you manually route important 
> stuff and let the auto router take care of the rest? ANY 
> advice would be greatly appreciated!

In any attempts that I have made to use the Protel router from when 98
version was released till now, has ended in pain, more pain & failure. This
is in my case, it might do the job for you very well, try it out.

I have seen some examples of some dense boards auto routed in Protel (or at
least it was claimed they were routed in Protel) and they look very good
indeed, I have never been able to get such results, but it is sure possible.

Have you experimented with the PCB Benchmark test board supplied with DXP to
see for yourself? 

It is promised that there will be BIG improvements to the DXP router for
P2004 release, I really hope this is true, Situs was very disappointing at
first release, and not much better at SP1 to SP2 or even Sp3pre. 

Mostly I will route by hand in 99SE or DXP.

For dense boards with complex rules which I would use an auto router for, I
gave up with Protel a long time ago for day-day work and now I prefer
another more stable router/layout path. But I can still hope Situs can
deliver the goods some day.

Best Regards

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