Are you using the DDB database format - if I remember rightly, it's an
access database, which according to our network support guys are just
tragic over networks...

You mention it's when you save - have you selected the "Compact database
on save" option?  I know that function can be slow even on local drives
at times...

  Scott May

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I'm having a few probs with my setup here & just wanted to bounce the 
symptoms off you for any suggestions I could follow up on.

I am running 99SEsp6 & XP & am connected to a network.

I had "My Documents" mapped to the H: drive (on a server) instead of my 
local machine for safety sake (& making backups simple). The problem 
with that is there is often some sort of lag when I save a (say 3meg) 
Protel database. Instead of taking <1sec, like when I save on my local 
disk, it *sometimes* takes nearly 60seconds onto the H drive. Sometimes 
it has been almost instantaneous. This doesn't seem to be related to 
network traffic, more like waiting for something to timeout, as I can 
send a 10meg file to & from the same H drive & it does that smartly.

I only have delay probs with Protel saving & no other program.

Can anyone give a hint of what might be happening here? Have you seen 
anything like this?



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