> Is driving a car more complex and difficult (higher processing load) than
> riding a horse?  Why do most of us not use horses to get about?  Why did
> (the community collectively) decide to skill-up and learn to drive a car?
> So we can get places faster, basically. (Come on Ivan I am sure you can
> come up with a better analogy to shoot me down.)  I am quite interested in
> this sort of thing and I think it bears not an insignificant weight in the
> success and failure of us technologist's products.

Oh, so we are "technologists" now?  That's funny, my diploma says
"Electrical Engineering".

My stepbrother has a 13 year old son who is a "technologist".  The boy plays
video games (PC, Xbox, PS2, GameBoy, etc., he's got them all) 20+ hours a
day on weekends.  The boy can do 2-finger typing as fast as most
touch-typists can type.  My other stepbrother is a "technologist", he is a
sheriff's deputy, and walks around with a pager, police radio, police
cellphone, and Nextel phone.  Good thing he's a big guy, otherwise his
police belt wouldn't have enough circumference to hold all his weapons (2
sets of handcuffs, mace, baton, 2 spare clips, gun, flashlight, etc.) and
gizmos.  His squad car has a laptop and 2 radios, and an audio recording
system I designed for him (to record perps' ramblings AFTER they've been
read their Miranda rights).  He knows how to use the technology to enforce
the law, and he's good at it.  The county is going to have to build more
jails to hold all the arrestees he brings in.

As to cars vs. horses, all I can say is that I find the emissions of cars to
be much more tolerable than the emissions of horses.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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