Well I think our quality of life would be much better if we didn't live in
High density populations... worked at home... and telecommute.
Most of us can drive a computer, and have internet access... If we could
just figure out how to have virtual reality meetings to work out engineering
tasks we could live anywhere. 

Bill Brooks 
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510

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> Oh, come on...  Horses smell much better than a City Bus firing up in
> of you while your stuck behind him on the southbound freeway. <cough,

And that's when I dive for the "air recirculation" button on the dash.
Doesn't work too well on my Caddy convertible, though.

I said I prefer car emissions (not diesel emissions) to horse emissions.
Yeah, those buses stink.  So do dump trucks, log trucks, etc.  When the hell
are emission regulations going to start applying to big trucks?  Cars have
been blamed since the 70's for air pollution.  Now that the cars are so
clean, the trucks still stink as bad as ever.  But the outcry for reduced
emissions from trucks is conspicuous in it's absence.  Every time I read a
newspaper article or see a news article on TV about air pollution, it's
always the car that gets blamed.  Hello, are you people (reporters,
activists) blind?  Ever see and smell those billowing clouds of black smoke
that come out of trucks?  Ever wonder what that stuff is?  Note to you folks
in California:  maybe you have truck emissions standards.  That's good, but
we don't here in Florida.  If you drive a diesel you have a license to turn
the sky black.

> I had horses a few years back... there environmentally friendly, and they
> make great fertilizer for the garden... there's nothing quite like getting
> up on a crisp clear morning and grabbing  a 'cup o'joe' with the steam
> rising off it, throwing a coat on and walking down to the corral with the
> sun coming up over the hills, open the shelter doors and break off a
> flakes of alfalfa and feed the welcome nickering and expectant face of
> old pal... scratch him behind the ears and then grab a rake and clean out
> the horse stalls... and go dump it on the compost pile... all before
> climbing into the car to go to work... You don't know what you are
> missing...  :)

That's one horse.  How would it be if a horse was substituted for every car
in use?  Can you imagine what rush hour would be like?  Thousands of horses,
all doing their business in the street.  That wouldn't smell too good.
Horses may be well suited for the country environment, but they don't
"scale" well to city environments.

> I actually lived like that for a couple years... it was very, very nice.
> I had my computer set up at home and did my design work there and traveled
> to the big city 52 miles away twice a week to drop off PCB design work and
> pick up more...
> Besides think of the job opportunities that street sweepers would have...
> <grin> I could just imagine downtown San Diego with horses and buggy's
> again... whew... that would be a site.

Well, maybe you should move to India.  I hear there are lots of IT jobs
there now (the jobs that used to be here).  And there is lots of
transportation via livestock.  And street sweepers.  And beggars.  And

Closest thing to that I have experienced is living in Idaho Falls for my
last year of high school.  The town was built around the stockyards at it's
center.  When the wind blew your way, you'd smell the stockyards.  No

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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