I received the full package. Manuals, CD, and some code to be mailed
to Altium. I got the license code in return. It is running now.
The handling might depend on the distributor in your country, I guess.
Colleagues in a neighbouring country didn't get anything at all yet.
Not even an announcement, that they'll get it soon. nothing.


Fisher, Jerry wrote:

The activation shows 2 options e-mail and on line. I haven't done it yet
because I don't have the activation code. I have tried to get one but was
told that only new customers are receiving them now. Users who get the free
upgrade aren't entitled to them yet. I thought it would be the other way

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I don't have Protel 2004 yet,  so I haven't seen what is required for
activation.  Am I to understand that the new activation must be done
on-line?  On the system Protel 2004 will be running on?

Part of the reason I built my CAD system in the first place was to separate
it from the risks of my other gaming/e-mail/browser/on-line (Win98) system.
There were other reasons too - A faster system,  the move to W2K for DXP,
But when I built my CAD system,  I very purposefully left it off-line *by

All I need to tell me that I really *don't* want to go back to having
my CAD system exposed to the 'Net is to look at the number of hits in
the firewall logs (of the Win98 system),  and at the number of Virus/Trogen
/Spyware/Adware/malware programs that are out there now.  There are
hundreds of firewall hits/hour.  How long would it be before something
bad gets through?

It will be unfortunate if I now have to subject my CAD system to these
risks in order to satisfy an activation procedure.  Not to mention I'd
have to firewall the CAD system,  install a modem on it,  or somehow
get Internet traffic routed over to it.

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