On 05:22 AM 18/04/2004, Tony Karavidas said:
There are a couple ways: (probably more)

1. You could look at the flattened hierarchy in the Navigator panel, and
click on the first item in the Instance list. Then start typing the
designator and it will go to it in the list. Click on it once, and it will
jump the schematic to that part.

Possibly the easiest way.

2. In the list panel, you can type something like this:
(ObjectKind = 'Designator') And (StringText = 'RN502B')
I would save that as a favorite, then just substitute the RefDes as needed.

You can simplify this as: PartDesignator='RN502B'

But ... there is a problem with the List panel in this sort of situation. When you click on something in the List the system does not change to the target Sch. So you still have to find the right document. The document is listed in the list but it should not be this hard. (If you only need to edit the component then you can just dbl click it (in the List panel) to edit its properties without actually seeing it.)

Another way would be to just use the Find Text command (Edit-Find Text or Ctrl+F) and then type in RN502 - I am assuming that the 'B' suffix is due to it being a multi-part symbol. Find text will not find "RN502B" as the text that really exists in the design is "RN502" and the "B" is added automatically. When you do this search all RN502's will be listed in the Messages panel (which should pop up automatically) and then you can dbl click on the one you want (the "B" suffix is listed in the Messages panel so you can see the one you want). If you use the find text function to search for components you will need to make sure the "Restrict to net identifiers" is off and the sheet scope is appropriate.

I think finding components is a common enough action that the Sch system should support something like the J-C command of the PCB system. There are complications in Sch, though, when you consider multi-channel designs. I am sure a small script could be written to make this easier.


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