As you probably know, DXP incorporates new features that didn't exist in 99se. So depending on the design and features used in the design, exporting from DXP to 99se may take a little (or a lot) of rework once the file is loaded in 99se.

This is always the downside of adding new features, it often requires changes to the file format which are not backward compatible. The alternative would be to never progress and I don't think that's really an alternative. It would probably be easier for everybody if everyone upgraded simultaneously, but that would never happen unless the software was free and net based.

I can sympathize with your problems though. Good luck.


At 12:34 AM 5/31/2004, you wrote:
In light of the recent thread on upgrading to DXP I would like to ask the question of those who have (and possibly those that didn't) regarding sharing your files with us Protel 99SE people i.e. Having done your DXP pcb/schematics you need to share them with us 99SE users. How confident can you/we be that ALL the important information is preserved.

I would grossly resent being forced to pay AUS$10,000 for DXP just so that I can read the files created by other DXPers. This is a tactic that Microsoft use with stuff like their Office Suite and is not the way to keep good favour.

I ask the question because my company supports a number of customers pcb designs (we are a pcb stuffer) and some are now using DXP whilst others use 99SE. We currently use 99SE internally and would prefer to stay with it for now but have had concern from the DXP customers as to the problems they have exporting and whether the 99SE files we get are reliable enough for us to work on.

Best Regards
Laurie Biddulph

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