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I'm trying to make rules for some type of component only route in one specific layer (bottom or top) in a 2 side board. I'm using the InComponent('designator') function in the advanced query and make the constraints for just one type of layer (bottom or top) but Protel still route that in 2 two layers.

Two things:
1) If you ask on the Altium forum you may well get Altium people answering and you are likely to get more DXP/P2004 users answering. This forum is fine for asking any questions on any version of Protel, it is just that there is *much* more DXP/P2004 traffic on the Altium forums. Many on this forum are using Protel 99SE and feel that is working well enough for them.

2) A net is not part of a component and the autorouter deals with nets (that is it is routing nets). The components are just points the router has to get to when routing. Component pads however do belong to nets. (Nets have children, just like components have children). So a query that extracted the nets that touch pads on your specific components might be able to restrict the router to the layer you want. Components don't belong to nets, so it is not easy to restrict control routing using an InComponent rule. You *can* set up a clearance rule that allows a different clearance between pads using the InComponent query as the component pads are children of the component.

This is possibly not what you want though - you may not want to restrict the whole net to that specific layer it might be that you really want to restrict certain From-Tos to a specific layer. This is different again - but can be done with appropriate classes and from-tos and rules.

Another possibility is that you want to restrict routing in a particular area of the board, (that happens to be near a component) to be only on certain layers - in this case you are probably best of defining a room (rectangular or polygonal) and then using the WithinRoom query.

To answer more fully I think you may need to provide more details of exactly what you need. If you ask on the Altium forums you are likely to get people with more ideas. I am more inclined to answer in detail on the Altium forum as I know issues that are discussed get looked at by many Altium people, and ideas and problem get quickly extracted into the Altium knowledge base - Altium are updating this about once a week with new items, usually five to 10 items each time. many, even most, of these are extracted from discussions on their forum.

Ian Wilson

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