Tis truly easy to print direct to a pdf from almost any application,
including Protel EDA. Adobe Acrobat and a large number of third party
PDF "printer" drivers are available. While Adobe's ~$200 package might
be a bit overkill for most of us, the third party solutions range in
price from around ten bucks to $40...

A simple search on DejaNews (google) or at tucows (or similar) for "pdf
writer" will turn up enough to allow you to trial and buy...

I've been printing pdfs by selecting a pdf writer as the print device
(ie, transparent and simple) for nearly a decade.


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Trent Bates wrote:

>I am trying to export one of my schematics to a customer.  I am using 
>Protel 99SE SP6.
>The customer would like it in a pdf format or an Orcad format (.DSN 
>file or something of the sort) or something they could read from 
>PSpice.  I tried saving one of my schematics as an Orcad .sch file but 
>strange things happened and components went all over the place.  What 
>is the best way to export the schematic.  Can Protel export to a pdf 
>format?  I think that would be the easiest.  I can take screen shots 
>but you end up loosing a lot of detail with screen shots.  If I took a 
>screen shot of the whole schematic it would look pretty fuzzy when you 
>zoomed in once it was in pdf format.  If I could export directly to pdf
I could keep the detail.
My system, although cumbersome, works.  I output to a PostScript file,
using a driver for one of the common color printers from HP, but causing
it to be saved to a file.  I then pull the file over to Linux and run it
through ps2pdf, to convert to pdf format.  I'm sure Adobe has a program
that will do this all in Windows.
(I run Win 2K as a "guest" OS under VMware, with Linux as the "host"


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