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I've always had good luck with Logitech drivers (and eliminated almost all (99.999%)
of my unexplained "crashes"), and personally like the feel of their "Mice".

Many of their newer "Mice" have many additional "buttons", and the nice thing here,
even though it doesn't say so on the outside of the package that they come in, all
of the buttons are programmable.

This means that you can take some of these additional buttons such as the ones
mounted on the sides that are stated to be for things like "Back" and "Forward" on
your internet browser, and reprogram them as "PgUp" and "PgDn", which give you your
"zoom in" and "zoom out" in Protel 99 SE (yeah, it is not quite like the AutoCad
"scroll in" and "scroll out", but it does work quite well none the less).

Don't forget that most scroll wheel Mice also have a button built into the scroll
wheel which you can also press as well as scroll, and sometimes you can re-define
this "middle button" ("scroll button") as either "PgUp" or "PgDn" all by itself (I
know you can in Logitech "Mouseware").

Unfortunately, zooming in and out the way that you describe is usually a function of
the application software itself, and unfortunately that specific function simply
does not exist in Protel 99 SE , and since we never got enough support for SP7 . . .

Although . . .

Someone mentioned a utility that does something along those lines here in this forum
not to long ago, so you might just check the archives . . .

While a longshot, you might be able to find that some "video card" actually
incorporates and supports such a function all on it's own simply as a part of the
"hardware" . . .

As a final note, such a capability would probably make for an interesting "server"
for someone who likes to diddle around with the SDK and would appreciate the
accolades of his (or her) fellow Protel 99 SE users (however it should "zoom" in or
out in very fine steps, and not just emulate pressing "PgUp" or "PgDn" 57 times, and
of course use "my" preferred method of centering with each zoom (don't anyone get
too upset - that last part really was a joke (see :-) ) ) . . .

Take it easy on all that Mousing around . . .

Happy "99ing" (still seems the best way to go . . . ) . . .


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Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 11:41 AM
Subject: [PEDA] Mouse Driver

> At risk of reopening the "mouse wars" of yesteryear, I need to ask what's the
> best driver to install to use a Microsoft Intellipoint (Dell branded) mouse
> with Protel 99SE. I had a pretty decent setup and should have left well enough
> alone, but I tried to install a newer mouse with dual scroll wheels etc, and
> that didn't work out. I can't seem to get back to the configuration I had
> before using either the v4.1 driver I thought I was using nor the freshly
> downloaded (from v5.0 drivers.
> What I'd really like, and what I thought I was getting when I bought the
> mouse, was the ability to use the scroll whele for zoom. With the way Protel
> zooms, that's all I need, and I'd never scroll at all. Just roll the wheel one way
> to zoom out till the area of interest is in view, move the mouse pointer over
> there, and roll the wheel the other way to zoom back in. Who needs scroll
> bars?
> Steve Hendrix

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