Go to "Design>Options>Options" and check to see what your electrical snap grid values are set to. Something may have happened that caused your snap grid values to become out-of-range or invalid.

Shift "E" toggles the electrical snap on and off. Try a toggle and make sure it's on.

The other, sometimes less obvious, source of confusion is that you have to be on the layer on which the primitive to which you are trying to snap is located. You can snap the end of a track (place interactive routing track - PT) to a multilayer pad center because the pad exists on all layers - on the other hand, you can't snap a line (place line - PL) to the end of another line on a mechanical layer unless you are on that same layer.

The snap cursor isn't a square - you have the option of a large or small 90deg cross, or a 45deg "X". These are selectable in "Tools>Preferences>Options". There will be a circle center to your cursor at the actual snap point.

You see squares, or "handles", when you select (highlight) a line. The handles are drag or break points for the line.

At 09:44 PM 8/17/04, you wrote:
Hi all,
I've just recently been using protel 99, with which I'm not so familiar.
I have a question: I lost the snap cursor in pcb file by accident. I
don't know when and how  I lost it. It just didn't work in these couple
of days. When I select drawing lines and move the cursor to a pad or
sth, it doesn't change to a square-shaped snapping. I'm sure the
Tools->Preferences->Options:  Snap to Center  is checked. So why still
can't I have my snap? Thanks in advance for anybody's help.

Kathy Li
R&D Engineer

ETS Instruments
New Zealand


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