I'm thinking of setting up an online 3D model development bureaux.  Do the forum think 
this is a good idea?

If you have time, please answer the three questions at the end of the email, or feel 
free to comment on the idea.

The service would concentrate on 3D modelling for electronic product design, that is; 
PCB components, complete PCB assemblies and product enclosures.

The customer would apply for the model on-line.
        If they have any specifications that they want to apply, they could attach 
these to the order.

If it exists in the library, they could pay a small nominal fee and download it, it 
would then be theirs to do what they want with.
        Obviously if the intellectual property was owned, then they could not re-sell 

If it does not exist in the library, then they could pay for its creation, the price 
would depend on the complexity.

The library would accept submissions from others, if their model was then later sold, 
the original sender would benefit from it.

The library would also house license free models, free for download if that model can 
be verified as being not somebody else's property.

I would offer other services, such as model conversion, visualisation modelling and 
CAD drafting services, these would be priced per job.

Q1:     Is it worth doing?

Q2:     What do you think is a good price for a model of the following?

A simple PCB component, such as a capacitor.
A more complicated PCB component, such as a transformer.
A PCB component with more parts, such as a connector.
A simple enclosure, e.g. a square box
A more complicated enclosure, e.g. A desktop case
An even more complicated enclosure, e.g. rack mount

Q3:     Would you use the service?

Best Regards,

Jason Morgan
jason dot morgan at citel dot com

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