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Committee on Foreign Affairs

September 2004


For Mr Olli REHN

Commissioner designate for


PE 346.886/REV 2/3 CM\540560EN.doc

1. What is your assessment of the provisions and instruments in the Constitutional 

concerning CFSP/ESDP?

How do you intend to reconcile the inter-governmental nature of these provisions with 

role to be played by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European

Court of Justice?

How do you envisage the nature of your own relations as Commissioner with the High

Representative for CFSP / future Minister for Foreign Affairs of the European Union?

2. What is your opinion regarding the appearance by the Heads of Commission delegations

before the Foreign Affairs Committee? Do you support their hearings in our Committee

both prior to and, whenever possible, during their appointment to their posts? Would 

view this as a major step towards a future European Union Foreign Service?

3. Are you willing to accept the recommendations adopted by the European Parliament and

take action on their comments and suggestions? Is the Commission prepared to develop

new ways to involve the European Parliament earlier then up to now in the planning and

decision making process? As you know, the European Parliament is one of the arms of the

budgetary authority and the powers recognised in the budgetary procedure include

Parliament's responsibility to formulate remarks and comments beside the budgetary 

Will you take these remarks and comments into consideration, in a binding manner? How

can the implementation of EU (pre-accession) aid be accelerated?

4. The security environment in the strategically important region of the Balkans 

fragile. How can the EU further help to promote stability and prosperity of all Balkan

countries in the economic, political and social areas while insisting on the need for 
them to

cooperate fully with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia


5. The outcome of the recent presidential elections in Serbia is regarded as very 
positive. How

could the EU help the Serbian authorities to seize the opportunity to revitalise the 
process of

political and economic reforms, to promote reconciliation with their neighbours and to 

international obligations?

Should the EU - with a view to the different state of political and economic 
development -

develop a more differentiated policy approach for the Western Balkans?

6. Do you assess the current enlargement as being a success? Do you think that any 

enlargement of the EU should be handled in a similar way ?

7. Bulgaria has already closed all negotiation chapters and is ready to sign an 

Treaty with the EU. Romania is still behind schedule to close negotiations, but is 
eager to

accede to the EU at the same time. How will you ensure that the accession procedure 
for a

candidate country adheres to the principle of that candidate country being judged on 
its own

merits, rather than being judged by any comparison to the performance of other 


CM\540560EN.doc 3/3 PE 346.886/REV

8. Could the planned opening of negotiations with Croatia in spring 2005 delay the 
next round

of enlargement?

9. How do you foresee the future enlargement of the European Union? What are the 

which have, in your view, the vocation to become members, regardless of the time it 

take for them to comply with the Copenhagen criteria. Should the fulfilment of the 

criteria is a pre-condition for negotiations? How far may the European Union's borders 


10. The European Council will decide in December 2004 on the basis of a Commission

recommendation, whether Turkey complies with the political Copenhagen criteria. If

Turkey is found to meet these political criteria fully in practice, only then accession

negotiations can be opened in 2005. The Commission assumes therefore an enormous

responsibility and its recommendation is very crucial. Can in your view the Commission

proceed in establishing the most accurate assessment of the situation in Turkey and 
resist to

possible political pressure?

11. How does the Commissioner see the development and evolution of the situation in 

in the near future? What role should the Commission play in the resolution of the 

problem and the reunification of the island?

12. How do you propose to fulfil the EU's commitments to the promotion of human rights 

democracy that already exist in agreements that the EU has with third countries? What 

will you take to strengthen the human rights dimension of EC assistance to governments 

third countries? What actions will you take to ensure that human rights are 

into all areas of the EU's external relations, including in the field of Justice and 


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